Mark_BWAs Founder/Head of Boxer Rebellion International, Mark Stewart is based in Southeast Asia and USA with Groups in Asia, USA, Europe & Australia and is known for returning JKD back to L.A. Chinatown since 1992. Mark Stewart has taught martial arts, defensive tactics, combative sports and fitness throughout the USA and Asia. Mark Stewart has taught at Universities and Fitness Centers including UCLA, USC, and University of Hawaii at Manoa as well as Clark Hatch Fitness Centers, Powerhouse Gyms and Shinjuku Sports Center in Tokyo, Japan. Mark Stewart was an Adjunct Professor of Physical Education, at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California from 1999-2001, where he taught martial arts and self defense. Mark Stewart was also an Elective Sports Coach at Singapore Poly-Tech College where he taught women’s self defense.

Mark Stewart has also taught many individual law enforcement and military personnel throughout the years, including Police, FBI, AFP and U.S Navy SEAL and Demolition Team members. Mark Stewart was the co-founder and head trainer of the Los Angeles Chinatown Safety Patrol, founded in 1994. Mark Stewart was the former Training Manager of Defensive Tactics and Un-armed Combat for X-Secure in Singapore. Including clients such as ICA / Immigration Checkpoints Authority. He also taught the Changi Prison “Spear Team” Baton and Defense in Singapore.

Mark Stewart began his martial arts training in the Chinese/Okinawa style of Karate known as Uechi Ryu. At the age of 18 he was awarded his 1st degree Black Belt and in 1989 became the youngest 5th degree Black Belt in the World, of the Okinawa Karate Do Association of Okinawa, Japan under Sensei William Keith and Sensei James Thompson.

Mark Stewart was a long time private student and Certified Instructor under the late Guro/Sifu Ted Lucaylucay in Philippine Weaponry, known as Kali and Bruce Lee’s “Jun Fan Gung Fu/Kickboxing” (Kali/JKD) as well as a longtime private student and Authorized Instructor under the late Sifu Ted Wong in the “Latter Stage” developments of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do.

Mark Stewart is a former Karate Champion and 1982 Grand Champion in the Great Lakes Region of the USA as well as an International Kickboxing Competitor with a record of 15-5-1 who’s last fight was a victory, under Savate rules in 1994. (Los Angeles, CA)

Mark_mag_coverMark Stewart is a published author who has been featured in and on the cover of many magazines including Inside Karate, Inside Kung Fu, Masters and styles, Black Belt, Karate Illustrated, Fighter Magazine of Sweden, Martial Arts Illustrated of Great Britain, and Siam Combat of Thailand. Mark Stewart has also been featured in other publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Tokyo Classified, Farang, A Day, The Nation, BK Metro and Singapore Straits Times. Mark Stewart has also been featured in many instructional videos including Unique, Black Belt and Moon River Productions. In 1994 Mark Stewart was featured on the Malaysian T.V. Series “Maha Guru”and became the first martial artist to demonstrate the art of Kali on Malaysian television. In 2002 Mark Stewart was featured on the Thai T.V. Series “Martial Arts” on UBC Super Sports and became the first martial artist to demonstrate Jeet Kune Do on Thai television. In 2003 Mark Stewart was featured by Reuters New Agency which aired throughout the world, including CNN World Report CNA and ITV. In 2003 Mark Stewart and his group performed for the APEC Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2010 Mark Stewart demonstrated JKD on RAZOR TV in Singapore.

Mark Stewart’s Martial Arts History

Mark Stewart has studied a variety of martial arts over the years. These martial arts include the following:

1974-1991 – Uechi Ryu Karate: William Keith and James Thompson
1979-1982 – Arnis/Doce Pares/PTK: Edgar Guevarra
1980-1985 – Kickboxing: Brian Lentz
1985-1986 – Wing Chun: Sam Chan
1986-1991 – Wing Chun: Randy Williams
1986-2001 – Martial Art: Louie Campos
1987-1994 – Kali and Jun Fan Gung Fu/KB/JKDC : Dan Inosanto
1987-1996 – Kali and Jun Fan Gung Fu/KB/JKDC: Ted Lucaylucay
1990-1997 – Muay Thai: Nanfa Siharadjdecho, Puk Jumjuntr and Vut Kamnark
1991-1997 – Savate: Francais Echinard and Nicholas Saigniac
1997-2010 – Jeet Kune Do: Ted Wong

Louie Campos: Training with my friend Louie Campos over the years, has included many methods and can best be described as studying “martial art” as a whole. Louie is the most dedicated martial artist I have ever met.

Note: Although on a less regular basis, these instructors have influenced me “greatly” through occasional training sessions and discussions throughout the years: Sambo/Grappling – George Tony, Kali/Boxing – Lucky Lucaylucay, Kali/Arnis – Leo Gaje, Pentjak Silat – Paul De Thouars, Tai Chi/Suai Chiao – Mark Cheng and Japanese Sword – Dana Abott.

Lastly: Teaching martial arts, has “taught me” many things. All of my students throughout the years have helped me and continue to help me grow, through our shared passion of martial art. I thank you all.