Fast Wrestling for JKD

Guideline for Cross Training in Grappling
“Fast Wrestling for JKD”
by Mark Stewart

Since the ideal of the JKD Model is to hit the opponent with the least chance of being hit back, it does not align well with grappling techniques that are complicated and take too much time or energy. After all, it must work on the street. Like striking, fast wrestling is based on a stable yet super-mobile base that facilitates explosive motion from both standing up and on the ground. Emphasis is on techniques that take one to two beats of time to finish, preferably one.

WrestlersFast wrestling techniques are used primarily to clear a line of attack, unbalance, take down and immobilize the opponent IN ORDER TO STRIKE.
Secondarily they are used to stun, disorient, dislocate, choke or submit the opponent through percussion or explosive constriction. (*Wrestling with striking quality) Like striking, fast wrestling is primarily proactive and seeks to use the appropriate technique(s) from a position of advantage. Secondarily fast wrestling is reactive and utilizes the water principle and spring energy to go with force instead of resisting it.

This is accomplished through a stable yet super-mobile base and a keen eye/feel for alignment/ position and leverage.
The criteria of fast wrestling technique or optimal function thereof, must facilitate striking, must be simple/direct/functional, must finish quickly, must have striking quality and must allow for quick disengagement and/or standing up.

NOTE: “Foul Tactics” such as pinching, gouging and biting must be trained for survival.